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BrainCore of Northern MN

Everyone has the power to heal

Discover how your brain can change!

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to make new neural pathways. Your brain is not hardwired. It is not limited or fixed- it has the ability to heal. You're the one that's in charge of the change. BrainCore Neurofeedback can help you to retrain your brain which will optimize the function of your brainwaves for the improvement of your health and wellbeing.

Who We Help:

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Autism                   Depression                     Insomnia                  Migraines                  PTSD & Trauma          Chronic Pain

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 Memory Loss               Anxiety                        ADHD                  Substance Abuse        Peak Performance        Brain Injury

How it works...

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Step 1: Brain Map

To start we want a solid baseline of where the 4 most dysregulated areas of your brain are. These imbalances are detected through a comprehensive QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) or what we call a Brain Map. The Brain Map measures the patterns of your brainwaves to compare to normative thresholds.

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Step 2: Neurofeedback

Once we have the data from the Brain Map, we create a customized plan, called a protocol, specific to the individual’s needs. We use this protocol for Neurofeedback training sessions. The training sessions normalize brainwave patterns to ease the client’s symptoms.

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Step 3: Feel Great!

Typically, trainees can feel a difference in their mental state after just 12-18 sessions of Neurofeedback. To reach optimal brain health a person can seek a minimum of 20 sessions but can exceed 60. The result of re-balancing brainwave patterns can be extraordinary with lasting healing, restoration of functionality, health and wellbeing.

Our Services

"Great place that helped me make major changes in my life that I was struggling to make for years. Thank you Diane!!!" 

Rory S. - Brainerd, MN

Start Your Better Brain Journey Today.



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