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What is Biofeedback? 

Biofeedback uses the Meridian Stress Analysis to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a person's energetic health and balance. It helps with your body’s physical and mental wellness. The testing assesses a person's energetic imbalances to give information about what is stressing the body such as, nutritional imbalances, hormone levels, and food sensitivities. Many people use Biofeedback to give them clarity and guidance with their health and how to improve it. 

How does it work?

During a Biofeedback session, we use a bio-energetic system to take an energetic reading of the body. The client will hold two brass sensors that send a painless microcurrent through the 13 energetic pathways of the body. This microcurrent gives us information on the functional status of the tissues in the body. With this information, the system then makes recommendations on how to help balance the areas with disturbances, such as, changes in diet and supplements needed.

Biofeedback testing is safe to do on children of any age!

What does Biofeedback help with?

  • Analysis of organs, tissues, glands and body systems

  • Sleeping disturbances

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Past trauma and emotional health

  • Toxins like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemicals

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • Digestive maladies

  • Immune disorders

  • Respiratory issues

Remote Biofeedback Testing

Can't make it in to our location?

Not a problem! 


We have worked with clients as far away as Africa! So, if you live in a different city, state, or country we can run a remote Biofeedback test for you. For the Remote Biofeedback method, we use "surrogate testing." The connection for the testing is often assisted with tissue samples, such as hair and nails. After we run the Biofeedback session in location, we will contact you to go over your results or set up a phone review for a different time.

bio energetic testing
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Have an animal friend?

Biofeedback testing works for animals too!

If you have a cat, dog, horse, or even a cow, we can get your animal friends to feel like their best selves.

To test your animal on the bio-energetic system all we need is some DNA. Just a little bit of fur and saliva, (collected with a cotton swab) and we can run a bio-energetic reading to help your animal’s health and wellness.

Ready to start Biofeedback?
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