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soqi bed

What is the SOQI Bed?

SOQI (pronounced so-key) stands for So – Solar and Qi – Life Energy or Chi. The SOQI Bed is state-of-the-art thermal bed. It uses solar energy to heal a range of issues on a cellular level.

The bed uses Far Infrared Rays, the rays of light from the sun that make us feel good and generate feelings of well-being. The SOQI Ceramic FIR Domes uses the Far infrared energy to permeate deeply into the body. Its effects reach the skin and muscles, tendons, and ligaments beneath the surface.

The Chi Machine is a therapeutic massager that uses a gentle rocking motion for full body oxygenation. 

close up of soqi bed

How does it help?

Benefits of using the SOQI bed frequently includes:

  • Relief of tension

  • Improved circulation

  • Stress relief

  • Detoxification

  • Wound healing

  • Less pain

  • Better digestion 

  • Assistance in weight loss 

  • Eliminates fluid and water retention

What are FAR Infrared
Rays and are they safe? 

Far Infrared Rays are invisible wavelengths of light that are longer than that of visible light. When these invisible wavelengths of light are absorbed by the cells of the body this can be felt as heat. The absorption of FIR is like when your body warms up from sunshine.

A common use of infrared technology is in hospitals, infrared heating elements are in neonatal beds, used to keep newborn babies warm.

Unlike other rays, Far Infrared rays do not damage the skin. FIR can help us obtain some of the benefits of sunshine, even without regular access to it. Of our body's energy that we generate, approximately 50% is in the form of Far Infrared rays. So, it is completely safe. 

far infrared heat graphic

Improves Blood Circulation & Metabolic Function

Cleanses the Body of Harmful Toxins

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